Welcome to Done-That.Com

So you ask yourself when did this site come into being to hold such a cool name, and the answer is 1992.

DONE-THAT.COM was the home site for my company, DPI of Maryland, a boutique software/systems design build group founded in 1981. We were the place you came when you were out of time and your risks were high. DPI was not cheap but always delivered and our clients ranged from Fortune 100, to PC manufacturers (to learn more check out history).

My role was that of Owner/Founder/Chief architect and heart and soul of the company (for some highlight click here). In 2005 Lockheed Martin approached me to join one of their most interesting divisions bringing my unique talents to a set of clients I could not turn down, (For list I can talk about click here), I am now a Lockheed Martin Fellow.


I am proud to be part of the "usual hackers" mail list on ARPANET, I have designed and written everything from Operating Systems to Point of Sale systems, but deep down I am a high-level system designer with the skills to develop working products but not a real software developer, that makes me a hacker. I can build it but like this site, it is at best functional.


Current Projects

I have been playing with Raspberry-pi project for the past few years and have wandered into lots of new directions each one ending up with YAWS - Yet Another Web Site. You can check them out via the projects tab or a sample at weather or planes both Pi based systems.


I tend to stay off the INTERNET with personal thoughts of problems due to the type of work I do and the clients I support, however I do put out sites that cover my current BSO's (Bright Shinny Objects) ranging from Auto Racing, Sailing, Travel, interesting "Technology". All are available as some form of Done-That.com sub-domains examples are:

Fullsail.done-that.com, Weather.Done-that.com, etc.


In 1970, Mr. Robert Rathbum offered to teach me all he knew if I would do the same for anyone who asked down the road. At the time, it was an easy handshake that I did not realize would become a driving force in my life. If there is ever anything I can help you with let me know and I will try to help. My only requirement is that you agree to to the same for others.